Why you should never ever take a gymcation

Weights via tumblr


If you are a veteran gym member, yogi, pilates freak or weightlifter you probably know this already, but, if you are like me, a rookie who decided to to do crossfit, because why not? then you probably don’t know this, or do know it, but think it’s not a big deal!

So let me break it down to you:

Gym vacation is a big NO, NO!

If you are an avid reader (which I hope you are) you would know I took a vacation a couple of weeks ago and because I was going on vacation I took an all american gym vacation as well. Yes, I had an AMAZING time walking around the endless museums, exploring the city and reminiscing about what it would be like to live there (while my heart was breaking because my baby sister is actually moving there) but when I got back to that sauna like warehouse where the only things you see are sweat, weights and grown men making sex noises because the weights are more than they can handle, I almost died. My calluses were healed, my body mass and strength had already gone shotgun to the pounds I gained (1 pound) in my trip and my naive and rookie mind was ready to hit it like I usually do.

I have never been more mistaken in my entire life!

First day back comes and five minutes into the workout of the day and I already wanted to quit, fifteen minutes in and I felt like I was going to die, workout ended and I was lying on that dirty floor in my very own pool of sweat as it came out of every single pore of my body, purple lips and my whole face red as a tomato (excuse the cheesy expression).

One week later and I have no game, lacking strength and respiratory resistance of a 90 year old.

FYI, I don’t smoke, barely drink and I’m a healthy eater by default.

So, in conclusion, if you want popping abs, like I desperately do, and your on a vacation, whether it’s in a hotel, cruise ship or a third world country on a missionary trip (done that) you have to take an hour of your day for that one on one gym time. Your body and soul will thank you and you will feel better and better each day to come.

Strong, healthy and happy is the best RX.