Stress Habits

5-Ways-to-Manage-Your-Election-Stress-Disorder-1440x810.jpgIf you have watched the news lately and you know that I am Puertorrican, living in Puerto Rico, you would know that about a month and a half ago my home, my island, my peace was struck with a category 5 hurricane which basically left my island in shambles (I still don’t have electricity btw.). Thank you Jesus, me and my family are okay, our home is too and my dog babies didn’t even realized what happened because they slept through the whole thing. That said, I still clearly been in a lot of stress, specially now that I’m back in school and work full time (yep! school full time, work full time) and with that, no electricity situation going on, well it kind of adds to it, a lot! 

There are different kind of stresses and stressors in life, emotional, physical, work related, school related, future uncertainty stress (talking to us, millennials!) and with all those stress factores there are not as many stress canalizing techniques, that actually work or we are willing to pay for or even try.

The stress I’m currently facing is “I can’t control anything, what is my life? an autobiography by me” stress and the only way I can get this 10 thousand pound chip of my shoulder is to, you guessed it, shop. Max out my credit card. Stop eating for a week because I needed that skirt? Ha! Of course I did, because I can control it, I can control how  I wear it (if I ever do), when I wear it and it just makes me feel in control of my life, for about a couple days until I wear it, the bliss dies and I’m left with a maxed out credit card that I have no idea how I’m going to pay back.

So, maybe you, my reader, my friend, have healthy ways of de-stressing but I don’t and my stress relief actually end up giving me more stress (like writing this article about stress, is making me stress).

Emotional? Work out until I can’t breath and begin to hate myself because I didn’t achieve to get abs on those 42 hours I was fighting with my boyfriend and lived in the gym. School? Netflix binge until I pass out sleep drunk and consider all the ways I can save the semester before the professor hands my grade back to me. Work? Pretend like nothing is wrong because you are a boss who doesn’t know what to do and is seriously freaked out about how you are going to pay the bills you don’t have with this job you don’t love. Shall I continue?


So, point being; I’m on my way to figuring out how to find healthy and actual working stress relief techniques that I can do from home. Techniques that empower me and make me feel like everything is ok. So, if you have ideas please feel free to comment below and I will try them.

So far, (i know, it will sound cheesy, bare with me) I have chosen to live day by day, focus on myself first, work hard, work out harder and eliminate toxic and negative energies from my life (bullies and people who just cloud your aura). Hey! I told you it was cheesy! But I think is a perfect way to start because being healthy in the inside (body and brain) and outside (body and surroundings) will make you feel overall better about yourself and thats how you start to destress by making yourself feel better and in control of your overall health!

So lets try and practice self love and figure out other amazing and actually working techniques to lower our stress levels while also helping each other grow and evolve into the person who we think we may never become but will and will exceed our expectations.



Why I hate to love fast fashion


Fast fashion is the healthier clothing version of a fast food restaurant, the official slogan for this phenomenon should be “you snooze, you loose” or “first come, first serve”.  This summer we had shimmering trends, gingham, crop tops, wrap around crop tops, asymmetrical sleeves crop tops, jean skirts, hats, bandanas, scarfs, transparent heels, mules, boots, organic bikinis, reversible bikinis, high waisted shorts, body suits, almond shaped nails, kitten nails and a bunch of other trends that my brain can’t even remember.

I, a Zara aficionado, compulsive buyer, want to be millionaire and hoarder of fashion. I can’t keep up as much as I want to. First of all because my wallet does have a spending limit, even though I don’t usually see it, my credit card is maxed out and my closest needs to double in size because my clothes don’t fit anymore. I am the millennial who loves to hate fast fashion because I adore buying and buying and buying because this will look amazing, or its perfect for date night with my bae or for that concert this weekend that I never bought the tickets (Puertorrican babes, you know what’s up) or even for Sunday brunch.

I have more clothes that I could count but that’s never enough because Zara and local boutiques are basically pop up shops with limited pieces (shall we say 10 per item) that you never ever see again and hunt you till the end of time (I’m talking to you Zara). With an average price tag of $30+ and your average spending budget of $0.00 and the six pieces you desperately need, you end up spending the money you had saved up for your food splurge of the week.

Even though I love having the newest trends, looking like a 5 course dinner, lunch at Ruth Chris and brunch with bottomless mimosas  (because looking like a snack is like being the side girl, you just have it because your hungry and have cravings) I have decided to only buy necessary things that I could re-wear in a timely matter of 3-4 months? ok, weeks (except that white high waisted pant my mom bought me for Christmas that my boyfriend says its the only thing I wear) and items of clothes that are completely WORTH IT! (because that silver long – floor touching skirt I bought on Nasty Gal a year ago was totally worth it? right?) and also mostly splurge in SALES! because what’s better that seeing your online cart go from $400 to $200 in a blink of an eye? (free shipping but we can’t have it all).

But, fast fashion isn’t always the best way to go if you are an environment activist and world health and rights advocate. Consumers now spend 20% more than they did 20 years ago on clothes and one and more than 10million tons of textiles turn out on dump sites at the end of the year. The same way we care about ourselves we should care about the environment and the people in the factories who make our clothes. I am no mother teresa and you already know I kind of do have an obsession with fast fashion but I will try to change and I am hoping that you do too, because as much as I like to look good and fashionable, I love my planet and the people in it. So I urge you not to throw away clothes. Donate them, try to buy organic / recyclable materials made clothing, buy things you actually know that you are going to wear and buy from local businesses. I’m not saying we should boycott this industry, not at all, but let’s be more conscious of the decisions we make when wearing our clothing. Just like some people don’t buy real leather, skins or fur (me, because I’m broke). We can’t change the world alone, but we can help make it a little better. Even Zara has an organic line.


As always, with love.



How Kate Somerville’s Eradikate change my life

I, a young adult aka a millennial, spend hours and hours and hours of my life watching pointless videos on Facebook, it’s a vicious cycle really, I watch one after another after another until there aren’t anymore related videos and I jump back to the next post someone shared and the cycle starts again (this is basically my morning and night time regimen, who can’t relate, am I right?). One day, I guess it was on Facebook (and my many countless, pointless and account draining visits to Sephora, I stumbled upon the magical, clean, pretty and mystical, Kate Somerville, the dermatologist guru / wander women in real life who btw, I have dreams of meeting and having a LIFE CHANGING facial in her one and only Beverly Hills spot.

Since I don’t really care for my bank account as much as I care about my face and appearance (So hard, right?) I decided to spend the big bucks and try it out, “why not?” I said.

The zit removal miracle cream which has a bunch of science jargon that I can maybe understand but won’t get into it, clears pesky zits in DAYS! From dusk till dawn (I can’t get Zayns song out of my brain)  you can see a clear and radiant difference.

So, as a young adult suffering from period / pms acne, I was immediately SOLD! and when a brand representative who actually has met the magnificent and brilliant Kate S. came to my hometown Sephora and gave me a complimentary facial, I spent my whole pay check with her, because this shit is actual magic.

As a broke millennial I absolutely recommend to have a piggy bank for KS products because they will for real change your life.

A sales person ones told me “Your face is your business card to the world” & I will never forget it, because no one has ever said anything to me more true and honest in my whole life. So, let’s apply it!


Products in order:


I haven’t tried #3 yet but I hear it works wanders and CANT wait to have it in my hands!

btw. This is not sponsored in any way, I wish it was because then that means KS knows about my existence and probably gives me products to try for free and that means my life is basically complete.

Dear Hurricane Irma Survivors,

This is not a letter about how lucky I feel about living in the blessed Island, although I do. This is not a letter about how we should appreciate this time to be with our families, play board games and cards, although I am. This is not a letter about how incredibly blessed I feel to have my loved ones alive and well, although I couldn’t put it into words.

This is a wake up call to all of whom are complaining about their lacking cellular reception, posting about how much it sucks that they can’t watch their T.V shows because they have to electrical power. This is a wake up call to all of those who are bragging about how good they have it with their A/C on, their laptops on Netflix and with iced water.  A wake up a call to all of whom spent money on emergency supplies which they did not use. This is not in any way about you.

This is about the families who lost everything, the homes that where destroyed and the agriculture that was lost. This is about the people who’s worst fears came true and are now alive to relive horrible nightmares for the rest of their lives. Puerto Rico, is facing a great loss in agriculture, forest life and homes and one mans life. Citizens have been left homeless in Culebra and mountain areas. We must stop being selfish and help our neighbors, help clear our streets and most of all support each other and our sister islands of the Caribbean who have had annihilating results by the passing of this “little storm”.

This is about our search and rescue team and their families who watch their loved ones go out everyday to this unforeseeable circumstances and help everyone they can. As someone who watched a loved one go out the door everyday so they can go and help people during the storm, I can tell you that it’s maybe one of the scariest feelings you will ever feel. Its about our government workers who are working endlessly to restore our electricity and water power. Its about the survivors and how they choose to help others survive.

I encourage all and everyone of us to help our own in Culebra, help our rescue team clear our streets and extend this helping hand donating as many items as we possibly can to our sister islands so we can help the surviving population have a clear and healthy start to their new future.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.



Someone affected by Hurricane Irma.

Why you should never ever take a gymcation

Weights via tumblr


If you are a veteran gym member, yogi, pilates freak or weightlifter you probably know this already, but, if you are like me, a rookie who decided to to do crossfit, because why not? then you probably don’t know this, or do know it, but think it’s not a big deal!

So let me break it down to you:

Gym vacation is a big NO, NO!

If you are an avid reader (which I hope you are) you would know I took a vacation a couple of weeks ago and because I was going on vacation I took an all american gym vacation as well. Yes, I had an AMAZING time walking around the endless museums, exploring the city and reminiscing about what it would be like to live there (while my heart was breaking because my baby sister is actually moving there) but when I got back to that sauna like warehouse where the only things you see are sweat, weights and grown men making sex noises because the weights are more than they can handle, I almost died. My calluses were healed, my body mass and strength had already gone shotgun to the pounds I gained (1 pound) in my trip and my naive and rookie mind was ready to hit it like I usually do.

I have never been more mistaken in my entire life!

First day back comes and five minutes into the workout of the day and I already wanted to quit, fifteen minutes in and I felt like I was going to die, workout ended and I was lying on that dirty floor in my very own pool of sweat as it came out of every single pore of my body, purple lips and my whole face red as a tomato (excuse the cheesy expression).

One week later and I have no game, lacking strength and respiratory resistance of a 90 year old.

FYI, I don’t smoke, barely drink and I’m a healthy eater by default.

So, in conclusion, if you want popping abs, like I desperately do, and your on a vacation, whether it’s in a hotel, cruise ship or a third world country on a missionary trip (done that) you have to take an hour of your day for that one on one gym time. Your body and soul will thank you and you will feel better and better each day to come.

Strong, healthy and happy is the best RX.


Washington D.C on a budget

Reflecting Pool at Lincoln Memorial 

Although a busy and big city Washington D.C is by far one of the best places to visit if you are a history, art and travel lover on a tight budget. I spent the last three days walking around in 80 degrees weather and with $200 dollars in my pocket.

First thing is first: Smithsonian museums are free!

You could spend hours in just one museum because they are just so amazingly huge! I spent 3 hours walking around the portrait gallery  which is by far one my favorite museums so far!! and a whole hour just walking around the ocean life exhibition in the Museum of Natural History . So that’s 4 hours of my day completely knocked off and more because you can easily spend 4 hours in the Museum of Natural History.

Second of all: Public transportation is way cheap!

If you aren’t scared after being cat called a thousand times in the streets (like me) you go to the nearest train station buy a week pass ($30-$35) and ride that red line unlimitedly  right into the heart of town and start walking. (Hey, you have to shave those extra food pounds somehow, am I right?) If you are like me or just don’t want to walk that much, you take Uber pool! My hotel was 27 minutes from national mall and every single ride was about $5-$7 dollars. AMAZING! Hey, maybe if you walk around instead of ubering up and down you end up spending about the same as on the subway.

Thirdly: If you are visiting the national capital you have have have! to take half a day to walk around in Georgetown. Now, there are no subways here so Uber is a necessity but I promise it’s worth every penny, specially when you get to visit the home of the ever so delicious Georgetown Cupcakes, the beautiful and always classic macaroons from Olivia’s Macaroons or simply walk M Street NW corner where you will find beautiful shops, restaurants and more that will definitely give you some Harry Potter / Old Time vibes.

& lastly my go to travel tip is to always book trips in advance, that’s how you will get the best prices and your wallet won’t take such big blow at once!

Head to my Instagram feed for more original photos from my trip!


All pictures are property and photographed by myself.