Gobierno y Manejo de Emergencias

El mes de Septiembre del año 2017 fue un momento histórico para la sociedad nacional de meteorología y todos los países que se vieron afectados por el paso devastar de Huracanes como Harvey, Irma y María. El huracán Harvey arrasó con el estado de Texas dejando a miles de personas sin hogar, Irma destruyó las islas vírgenes británicas y Maria nos dejó aquí en Puerto Rico sin techos o maneras avanzadas de supervivencia. Estas maneras adaptadas de supervivencia incluyen agua potable, energía eléctrica y las redes de comunicación. Aún a un mes y una semana del paso del huracán no contamos con estas necesidades y la intervención del manejo de emergencias del gobierno parece ser obsoluta. Por el medio de esta investigación estaremos entrevistando a múltiples representantes de manejo de emergencias de diferentes campos para lograr entender el cómo se estará recuperando la isla y porque se ha demorado tanto el proceso.

En este enlace podrás observar lo que fue la re generación de las comunicaciones para la compañía de telecomunicaciones mas grande de Puerto Rico. AT&T News.


El paso de este huracán fue devastador. La magnitud de esta tormenta fue más de la anticipada. Esto causó atrasos y complicaciones dentro de el sistema de gobierno y manejo de emergencias. Como se ha visto durante el transcurso de estos meses, la recuperación se ha dado paulatinamente. Todavía se ve afectada la vida cotidiana de cada individuo.




Hurricane Maria

September 2017 was the beginning of many things for the citizens of Puerto Rico. The wake of two supernatural monstrous hurricanes left the island in awe and not in a positive way. The destruction of crops, houses, lands, fields, water and electricity grids, telecommunication channels, antennas and more left us the people who stayed without many necessities like gas, food, power and water, communications and those where the lucky half. The other half, the ones who live hours away from the city, the capital got it so much worse. They were left without the same necessities, clean river and lake water, roofs over their heads, cars and streets to drive out of the wrecked town.


In the efforts to help the recovery of the island after this unprecedented situation that some say God forced upon us. I’m not a big believer in god himself as you may already know and especially in this types of situation. I don’t believe there’s a god that would save some and sacrifice others, it just doesn’t make sense. Either way, whether it was god, bad luck, global warming, we are all in the same boat and we all stood to help one another. Thousands of volunteers independent or organization driven took part of the recovery of the island. Supplies were sent and were distributed and little by little some cities were better than others, others were forgotten. Fear, danger, crime and wariness ravaged those forgotten cities. They were left for last, without power, water or supplies.


Fast forward to two months from September and more than half of the island still lacks electricity, only 60% of telecommunications have been restored, there is only one internet company working and providing service, 30% of the island still lacks access to clean filtered water and there’s basically no gas to cook with our camping gas stoves.


All this facts later and I don’t know if its ignorance or that people have grown accustomed to their new situation but the conversation about the island and its livelihood has died down and we are more focused on events like black Friday, when will certain shops, restaurants and stores re open that the overwhelming reality that faces our island and its citizens everyday.


We need to reroute the conversation.



Con o sin internet 

El invento del método de comunicaciones conocido como el Internet formó el camino a un nuevo futuro. El una vez usado solo para compartir correos electrónicos ha forjado nuestro presente y futuro y a su vez a creado una dependencia jamás imaginada. Hoy en día adicional de servirnos como vía de comunicación nos sirve como herramienta de trabajo, banco, comercio, mapa (gps) y más. El internet se ha convertido en nuestro asistente secreto, nuestra mano derecha, poco a poco se ha convertido en un órgano de nuestra anatomía humana.
Gracias a los huracanes que pasaron no muy silenciosamente por nuestra isla pudimos desintoxicarnos del internet por varias semanas. Descubrimos todas esas sensaciones que siente un adicto en su proceso de rehabilitación, la desesperación, la angustia, los impulsos fantasma… experimentamos que era vivir en mundo donde solo tú y tus seres queridos existen y no todas las personas atractivas y llamativas que seguimos en las redes sociales. El pasar estos meses a solas, fuera de la pantalla negra quizás nos ha permitido limitar nuestra dependencia y realizar que si, el internet es necesario pero no para todo y mucho menos debemos forjar nuestras vidas al rededor del mismo.

Stress Habits

5-Ways-to-Manage-Your-Election-Stress-Disorder-1440x810.jpgIf you have watched the news lately and you know that I am Puertorrican, living in Puerto Rico, you would know that about a month and a half ago my home, my island, my peace was struck with a category 5 hurricane which basically left my island in shambles (I still don’t have electricity btw.). Thank you Jesus, me and my family are okay, our home is too and my dog babies didn’t even realized what happened because they slept through the whole thing. That said, I still clearly been in a lot of stress, specially now that I’m back in school and work full time (yep! school full time, work full time) and with that, no electricity situation going on, well it kind of adds to it, a lot! 

There are different kind of stresses and stressors in life, emotional, physical, work related, school related, future uncertainty stress (talking to us, millennials!) and with all those stress factores there are not as many stress canalizing techniques, that actually work or we are willing to pay for or even try.

The stress I’m currently facing is “I can’t control anything, what is my life? an autobiography by me” stress and the only way I can get this 10 thousand pound chip of my shoulder is to, you guessed it, shop. Max out my credit card. Stop eating for a week because I needed that skirt? Ha! Of course I did, because I can control it, I can control how  I wear it (if I ever do), when I wear it and it just makes me feel in control of my life, for about a couple days until I wear it, the bliss dies and I’m left with a maxed out credit card that I have no idea how I’m going to pay back.

So, maybe you, my reader, my friend, have healthy ways of de-stressing but I don’t and my stress relief actually end up giving me more stress (like writing this article about stress, is making me stress).

Emotional? Work out until I can’t breath and begin to hate myself because I didn’t achieve to get abs on those 42 hours I was fighting with my boyfriend and lived in the gym. School? Netflix binge until I pass out sleep drunk and consider all the ways I can save the semester before the professor hands my grade back to me. Work? Pretend like nothing is wrong because you are a boss who doesn’t know what to do and is seriously freaked out about how you are going to pay the bills you don’t have with this job you don’t love. Shall I continue?


So, point being; I’m on my way to figuring out how to find healthy and actual working stress relief techniques that I can do from home. Techniques that empower me and make me feel like everything is ok. So, if you have ideas please feel free to comment below and I will try them.

So far, (i know, it will sound cheesy, bare with me) I have chosen to live day by day, focus on myself first, work hard, work out harder and eliminate toxic and negative energies from my life (bullies and people who just cloud your aura). Hey! I told you it was cheesy! But I think is a perfect way to start because being healthy in the inside (body and brain) and outside (body and surroundings) will make you feel overall better about yourself and thats how you start to destress by making yourself feel better and in control of your overall health!

So lets try and practice self love and figure out other amazing and actually working techniques to lower our stress levels while also helping each other grow and evolve into the person who we think we may never become but will and will exceed our expectations.


Dear Hurricane Irma Survivors,

This is not a letter about how lucky I feel about living in the blessed Island, although I do. This is not a letter about how we should appreciate this time to be with our families, play board games and cards, although I am. This is not a letter about how incredibly blessed I feel to have my loved ones alive and well, although I couldn’t put it into words.

This is a wake up call to all of whom are complaining about their lacking cellular reception, posting about how much it sucks that they can’t watch their T.V shows because they have to electrical power. This is a wake up call to all of those who are bragging about how good they have it with their A/C on, their laptops on Netflix and with iced water.  A wake up a call to all of whom spent money on emergency supplies which they did not use. This is not in any way about you.

This is about the families who lost everything, the homes that where destroyed and the agriculture that was lost. This is about the people who’s worst fears came true and are now alive to relive horrible nightmares for the rest of their lives. Puerto Rico, is facing a great loss in agriculture, forest life and homes and one mans life. Citizens have been left homeless in Culebra and mountain areas. We must stop being selfish and help our neighbors, help clear our streets and most of all support each other and our sister islands of the Caribbean who have had annihilating results by the passing of this “little storm”.

This is about our search and rescue team and their families who watch their loved ones go out everyday to this unforeseeable circumstances and help everyone they can. As someone who watched a loved one go out the door everyday so they can go and help people during the storm, I can tell you that it’s maybe one of the scariest feelings you will ever feel. Its about our government workers who are working endlessly to restore our electricity and water power. Its about the survivors and how they choose to help others survive.

I encourage all and everyone of us to help our own in Culebra, help our rescue team clear our streets and extend this helping hand donating as many items as we possibly can to our sister islands so we can help the surviving population have a clear and healthy start to their new future.  WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.



Someone affected by Hurricane Irma.

Why you should never ever take a gymcation

Weights via tumblr


If you are a veteran gym member, yogi, pilates freak or weightlifter you probably know this already, but, if you are like me, a rookie who decided to to do crossfit, because why not? then you probably don’t know this, or do know it, but think it’s not a big deal!

So let me break it down to you:

Gym vacation is a big NO, NO!

If you are an avid reader (which I hope you are) you would know I took a vacation a couple of weeks ago and because I was going on vacation I took an all american gym vacation as well. Yes, I had an AMAZING time walking around the endless museums, exploring the city and reminiscing about what it would be like to live there (while my heart was breaking because my baby sister is actually moving there) but when I got back to that sauna like warehouse where the only things you see are sweat, weights and grown men making sex noises because the weights are more than they can handle, I almost died. My calluses were healed, my body mass and strength had already gone shotgun to the pounds I gained (1 pound) in my trip and my naive and rookie mind was ready to hit it like I usually do.

I have never been more mistaken in my entire life!

First day back comes and five minutes into the workout of the day and I already wanted to quit, fifteen minutes in and I felt like I was going to die, workout ended and I was lying on that dirty floor in my very own pool of sweat as it came out of every single pore of my body, purple lips and my whole face red as a tomato (excuse the cheesy expression).

One week later and I have no game, lacking strength and respiratory resistance of a 90 year old.

FYI, I don’t smoke, barely drink and I’m a healthy eater by default.

So, in conclusion, if you want popping abs, like I desperately do, and your on a vacation, whether it’s in a hotel, cruise ship or a third world country on a missionary trip (done that) you have to take an hour of your day for that one on one gym time. Your body and soul will thank you and you will feel better and better each day to come.

Strong, healthy and happy is the best RX.