Why I hate to love fast fashion


Fast fashion is the healthier clothing version of a fast food restaurant, the official slogan for this phenomenon should be “you snooze, you loose” or “first come, first serve”.  This summer we had shimmering trends, gingham, crop tops, wrap around crop tops, asymmetrical sleeves crop tops, jean skirts, hats, bandanas, scarfs, transparent heels, mules, boots, organic bikinis, reversible bikinis, high waisted shorts, body suits, almond shaped nails, kitten nails and a bunch of other trends that my brain can’t even remember.

I, a Zara aficionado, compulsive buyer, want to be millionaire and hoarder of fashion. I can’t keep up as much as I want to. First of all because my wallet does have a spending limit, even though I don’t usually see it, my credit card is maxed out and my closest needs to double in size because my clothes don’t fit anymore. I am the millennial who loves to hate fast fashion because I adore buying and buying and buying because this will look amazing, or its perfect for date night with my bae or for that concert this weekend that I never bought the tickets (Puertorrican babes, you know what’s up) or even for Sunday brunch.

I have more clothes that I could count but that’s never enough because Zara and local boutiques are basically pop up shops with limited pieces (shall we say 10 per item) that you never ever see again and hunt you till the end of time (I’m talking to you Zara). With an average price tag of $30+ and your average spending budget of $0.00 and the six pieces you desperately need, you end up spending the money you had saved up for your food splurge of the week.

Even though I love having the newest trends, looking like a 5 course dinner, lunch at Ruth Chris and brunch with bottomless mimosas  (because looking like a snack is like being the side girl, you just have it because your hungry and have cravings) I have decided to only buy necessary things that I could re-wear in a timely matter of 3-4 months? ok, weeks (except that white high waisted pant my mom bought me for Christmas that my boyfriend says its the only thing I wear) and items of clothes that are completely WORTH IT! (because that silver long – floor touching skirt I bought on Nasty Gal a year ago was totally worth it? right?) and also mostly splurge in SALES! because what’s better that seeing your online cart go from $400 to $200 in a blink of an eye? (free shipping but we can’t have it all).

But, fast fashion isn’t always the best way to go if you are an environment activist and world health and rights advocate. Consumers now spend 20% more than they did 20 years ago on clothes and one and more than 10million tons of textiles turn out on dump sites at the end of the year. The same way we care about ourselves we should care about the environment and the people in the factories who make our clothes. I am no mother teresa and you already know I kind of do have an obsession with fast fashion but I will try to change and I am hoping that you do too, because as much as I like to look good and fashionable, I love my planet and the people in it. So I urge you not to throw away clothes. Donate them, try to buy organic / recyclable materials made clothing, buy things you actually know that you are going to wear and buy from local businesses. I’m not saying we should boycott this industry, not at all, but let’s be more conscious of the decisions we make when wearing our clothing. Just like some people don’t buy real leather, skins or fur (me, because I’m broke). We can’t change the world alone, but we can help make it a little better. Even Zara has an organic line.


As always, with love.




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