How Kate Somerville’s Eradikate change my life

I, a young adult aka a millennial, spend hours and hours and hours of my life watching pointless videos on Facebook, it’s a vicious cycle really, I watch one after another after another until there aren’t anymore related videos and I jump back to the next post someone shared and the cycle starts again (this is basically my morning and night time regimen, who can’t relate, am I right?). One day, I guess it was on Facebook (and my many countless, pointless and account draining visits to Sephora, I stumbled upon the magical, clean, pretty and mystical, Kate Somerville, the dermatologist guru / wander women in real life who btw, I have dreams of meeting and having a LIFE CHANGING facial in her one and only Beverly Hills spot.

Since I don’t really care for my bank account as much as I care about my face and appearance (So hard, right?) I decided to spend the big bucks and try it out, “why not?” I said.

The zit removal miracle cream which has a bunch of science jargon that I can maybe understand but won’t get into it, clears pesky zits in DAYS! From dusk till dawn (I can’t get Zayns song out of my brain)  you can see a clear and radiant difference.

So, as a young adult suffering from period / pms acne, I was immediately SOLD! and when a brand representative who actually has met the magnificent and brilliant Kate S. came to my hometown Sephora and gave me a complimentary facial, I spent my whole pay check with her, because this shit is actual magic.

As a broke millennial I absolutely recommend to have a piggy bank for KS products because they will for real change your life.

A sales person ones told me “Your face is your business card to the world” & I will never forget it, because no one has ever said anything to me more true and honest in my whole life. So, let’s apply it!


Products in order:


I haven’t tried #3 yet but I hear it works wanders and CAN’T wait to have it in my hands!

btw. This is not sponsored in any way, I wish it was because then that means KS knows about my existence and probably gives me products to try for free and that means my life is basically complete.


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